Saturday, April 25, 2015

Make your wiki mobile friendly

Recently, Google announced they would factor in mobile-friendliness in their search results. We realize the impact this will have on your wiki.

We recommend all wiki owners who want their wikis to be on Google to contact us on the ticketed support system as soon as possible ( so we can set up a mobile-friendly skin that Google will recognize as mobile friendly, guaranteed. If you do not want to, our default option is to opt-out, since this will affect how browsing wikis on mobile devices works, and could cause issues.

If your wiki is strictly for corporate purposes and is kept private, this is obviously not necessary as search results are not an issue for your wiki. However, if you wish to enable this skin, please note that editing may not be supported, and it will be best to use the desktop version to edit as of right now.

However, if your wiki is open to the public and Google is a main traffic source, this is imperative! Do not waste time and please contact us so we may install the mobile friendly skin. Please realize this will affect certain functions of MediaWiki such as editing.