Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Moving to Medium

Our news blog is moving to Medium. You may view our newest posts at

We are moving because Medium offers more modern tools that we believe reflect the values of MyWikis more so than Blogger does.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The future of credit card payments

We regret to inform our customers that we have decided to discontinue accepting credit cards as a method of payment. This is mostly because a significant portion of our credit card customers have become delinquent in their payments. As we are unable to continue collecting delinquent payments while efficiently being able to provide support and develop new features for our customers, we are going to phase out credit card payments by mid-July.

Here is our timeline of phasing out credit card payments and what you as a credit card-using customer would need to do:
  • June 20: We collected our last payments on this day. Any payments due after this day will need to be paid via PayPal.
  • June 21-July 20: The grace period for delinquent payments. You will be able to begin your PayPal payments during this period.
  • July 21 and on: Payments will need to be made with PayPal. Any outstanding accounts will have their wikis canceled.
If you have not yet paid for this month:
Please begin paying immediately. We will not be billing you for the previous part of the month for which you did not pay.

If you have already paid for this month:
Please begin paying immediately; do not worry, as we will fully refund your first month of payments on PayPal if you have no other outstanding payments due. We will begin collecting payments the next month.

If you have any questions about our transition away from credit cards, please feel free to email us back. Thank you for using MyWikis; we appreciate your cooperation with helping our services become more successful and helpful!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Introducing WikiOnTheBook

Introducing WikiOnTheBook, a pass-around peer-to-peer wiki in the form of a collection of notes. We'll create a small booklet with blank sheets and lines for you to write your wiki article, the old fashioned way. Tired of electromagnetic waves penetrating your body when you browse wikis? Now, have a wiki delivered right to your doorstep—quite literally! We'll use UPS or FedEx's slowest method to send you the book. Then, you send it right on to the next person when you're done using it! Be sure to write something in it before you do though!

We'll be launching WikiOnTheBook in the United States. Access to it each time costs $109.99, a bargain for such a plethora of information. Contact us for more information at

Saturday, February 13, 2016 lives another year! :)

We're excited to announce that will live for another year! What's our rationale for this decision?
  • Nobody donated for the cause :( but...
  • We know that our service is still used by many, commonly.
  • Our domain expires during Advanced Placement testing. We understand that this is a big deal for those who'd like to save a few thousand dollars in university tuition, if not more. One of the most-used resources?
  • We're up for feeling generous. Deep down, we all know that most high school students are broke and don't have money to donate to a website. Consider it a student discount.
  • Everybody's Premium expires in 2100! How would we keep it for that long if we don't renew the domain? (Joke aside, nobody's premium will expire per se, it's just a system workaround we have for premium to work for everybody :P)
  • The main goal of is not to profit off of innocent high school kids, rather, it is to promote and foster learning. (And yes, good grades!)
  • There is no profitable business model associated with a truly free-as-in-free-beer-for-all service.
  • We hope that you will enjoy another year of successful studying with!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Help us help you:'s domain name

Haven't found out how amazing is yet? Visit and then come back here to help us! Thank you :)

On May 3, 2015, Justin Potts,'s founder, registered the domain name for one year. Since then, has accomplished so much; our service is loaded with useful features, allowing studying vocabulary easier.

Of course, we couldn't have done it without you. We first would like to thank our users for their support. Without you, would be nothing like it is today. And we hope we have served you to the best of our ability.

But on May 3, 2016, less than five months from now, will expire and the domain name will be no more if nothing is done.

Unlike Premium and's free web hosting provided by MyWikis, there is no way to get the domain name for free. So we need your help.

As's service is distinguishable by using .io instead of .com, the cost for this kind of domain name is $30 for one year. Mr. Potts paid this fee a year ago, but since he is no longer covering the costs of the service and there is absolutely no income from (we do this all for free out of our pockets), we ask you to pitch in and help us with our domain renewal fee.

In return, we give you our gratitude and a special, visible place on the website thanking you for your contribution. The more you can pitch in, the larger your name will be.

Please help us survive. is currently 100% donation-based, and any amount goes directly to running Absolutely nobody assisting with running keeps any money. Excess funds will be reserved for's future domain name needs and anything else that requires money unconditionally. The money goes directly to keeping alive and at its signature domain name.

Please contribute below. Any amount is highly appreciated. PayPal requires a minimum donation of $1:

Once again, thank you. -- staff

(P.S. If the domain is unable to be renewed, starting around March or April, the website will move to a domain like, with a redirect on From May onwards, the domain would no longer function. Please help us prevent something like that from happening and continue the legacy of

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Announcing two new things

2016 will mark our fourth year in the wiki industry, and it will be better than all three previous years combined. To start off, we're introducing two new (but very large) changes.

1. Introducing MyWikis Plus

The introduction of MyWikis Plus will see a simpler plan called MyWikis Basics, whose price will drop lower than the current price, and the current MyWikis Basic plan will be renamed MyWikis Plus.

Before: MyWikis Basic - $7/mo
After: MyWikis Basics - $TBD/mo, MyWikis Plus - $7/mo

The new MyWikis Basics will have slightly less features than offered right now, some of which may be excessive to our customers who'd just like the basics. That being said, MyWikis Plus is a great option for mid-tier customers. In addition, MyWikis Plus should have VisualEditor support too! (Subject to change.) We plan to have MyWikis Plus launch exclusively on Twitter.

These changes will launch sometime this or next month. Stay tuned!

2. Introducing DokuWiki

MediaWiki sometimes just doesn't fit the needs of wiki users. That's why we'll be supporting DokuWiki in the coming months.

DokuWiki is a completely different wiki engine whose emphasis might match that of corporations looking for easy-to-administer settings, easy-to-understand (low learning curve), and more per-page access restrictions instead of MediaWiki's blanket access restrictions with limited customization.

We believe this will be a great alternative to our customers who might not feel that MediaWiki serves them best. We're still testing DokuWiki out, so it will be another couple months before we launch any DokuWiki plans. Currently, there will be two plans for DokuWiki: Personal and Organizational. They will be under the name "MyWikis Doku," so expect to see "MyWikis Doku Personal" and "MyWikis Doku Organizational." They will cost $5/month and $8/month initially.

(Note that DokuWiki does not have WYSIWYG like MediaWiki's VisualEditor. It would be advisable to stick with MediaWiki if you require a WYSIWYG-based editor.)

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holiday hours

We're off until January 5, 2016. Emergency issues may be posted on our TSS. Have Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Announcing MyWikis Hosted Parsoid, a dirt-cheap way to use Parsoid

VisualEditor should be an essential part of your MediaWiki wiki. But most wikis are on shared hosting, and we understand Parsoid, the engine behind VisualEditor, isn't quite possible to set up on shared hosting.

That's why MyWikis is bringing dirt cheap, hosted Parsoid services to everybody. And here's the pricing:

  • $1 per month for the first wiki
  • $0.75 per month for additional wikis


  • You're joking, right?
  • > No.
  • Ha ha. It's not April yet.
  • > No, we're serious.
  • There must be some sort of caveat?
  • > Your wiki should have less than 100 editors per day to qualify for this dirt-cheap pricing. We'll consult on a case-by-case basis for wikis with more than 100 editors per day. (Just email and mention your wiki has more than 100 editors per day.)
  • When will this be available?
  • > Now. Just fill out this form.

Announcing availability of VisualEditor (WYSIWYG) to MyWikis Pro plans and up

We understand MediaWiki's code-like syntax isn't everybody's cup of coffee. That's why today we are launching WYSIWYG capabilities for all of our hosted wikis on MyWikis Pro or a better plan. There is no additional cost to add this to any new or existing wiki.

The software we are using is one developed by the people behind Wikipedia: the Wikimedia Foundation. Their WYSIWYG software, called VisualEditor, has been used on Wikipedia and other famous wiki sites. It has proven highly usable and reliable.

If you would like VisualEditor on your wiki, please request it on our ticketed support system (TSS):

Friday, November 6, 2015

Information regarding's future

UPDATE 1: All existing users have Premium. Enjoy!

TL;DR: is "changing" hands and will continue to run. Premium features become free, and those pesky ads go away. See our FAQ below. Don't panic, we promise it's going to be okay! :)

Today, is going through the largest change it has ever gone through. Justin, the owner of, has worked diligently and tirelessly for many, many nights and finally launched in May of this year. Since then, Justin and I have been working on the code to make it work better. PDF Integration and Quizlet exporting have even been added to make countless students' lives easier, and we hope it's made your life easier too. However, Justin has recently reached the conclusion that his business model is unsustainable and will not earn him enough money. If you would like to see his reasoning, you may find that on his personal blog post he has written in regards to his difficult decisions he will now make.

First, I'd like to say it's been an honor to host on the MyWikis Startup Program. In May, I committed to Justin that will always have free hosting for as long as the project needs it, and I continue to make that commitment. So, I have decided to take into the care of MyWikis. I'll discuss "what's changing and what's the same?" below.

What will be the same?

  1. Your accounts and sets will remain as-is. You'll still be able to use the website like always.
  2. For the time being, we'll still use as the URL.
  3. The same code base and great features of will remain.
  4. Your account will still be free! :)
What will change?
  1. Ads will be disappearing for all users. Isn't that great? Which means...
  2. Premium will be has been given to all users free of charge. Say hello to Quizlet export and PDF downloads!
  3. Our URL may change later next year to or This has yet to be decided. (Don't want that? We need $95 to cover the fee for
  4. Customer support given to customers will shift to MyWikis' customer support. Our ticketed support system is at
  5. Programmers only: Our codebase will become open source. Learn more about what this means below.
Thank you for supporting MyWikis looks forward to working with you.

FAQ for all:
  1. Will there be new features?
    We will see. If other developers decide to contribute to's codebase, we may see some improvements :)
  2. So it's just an ownership change, really?
    Yep, that's what's going on in a nutshell.
  3. Tell us more about MyWikis.
    MyWikis is a web hosting company that specializes in wikis. We're excited to help Justin continue to leave his legacy, MyWikis isn't at all a stranger to; in fact, some of our staff have helped code
  4. Why isn't Justin interested in developing anymore?
    Please see his blog post for more information. 
  5. isn't a failure, why is it being ditched like this?
    Justin's original plan was to have some income from kind of like the model Quizlet uses. Unfortunately, not enough money was made to sustain, and as a result, he has decided to move on. MyWikis intends to nurture as best we can.
  6. Please don't ruin it.
    We won't. :)
  7. What's happening to existing Premium users?
    We will contact any paying Premium members and they get a refund.
  8. When exactly will this change happen?
    This change will require extensive code modifications. For example, we'd need to remove Premium and make sure all new accounts and existing accounts get Premium. We'll let you know when this happens.

    If you want Premium now, please request it at; just specify your email address you registered with on and we'll get back to you ASAP.

FAQ for programmers and general computer nerds:
  1. How are you open sourcing
    (Preliminary information here. Subject to change.) While we can't divulge how the code is currently stored, we'll be releasing onto GitHub ready to be set up as a self-functioning instance by anybody with Apache, Python, and MySQL or SQLite. We don't want anybody else setting up their own and making money off of our code, so we're going to use the AGPL (Affero GPL) License or something similar. The original will be the most "official" version of, though.
  2. How can I contribute to the codebase?
    Once we have our repository, we will share more information with you. We're excited to open our codebase to all open-source developers. It will probably be on GitHub, FYI.
  3. What is coded in, and how do I run it?
    It's coded in Python. Running is very easy and requires only some configuration.