Friday, November 1, 2013

[IMPORTANT] MediaWiki 1.22 update will be available soon

Hello! MediaWiki 1.22 will be available very soon, as it finished development this October. We know that most wikis are active; however, some are not active and it is important we only update the active wikis. If you are interested in getting this update, please go to and start a support ticket there about updating your wiki. Once 1.22 is out, we will install it for you, as long as you requested it, and for free users, as long as you have SUCs (see below for more info). Here's a few changes the Wikimedia Foundation has made to MediaWiki 1.22:
  • Improved user interface in some areas
  • Lots of technical changes
  • Removal of unused skin that makes wikis slower
Should you have any questions about MediaWiki 1.22, please ask us at Thanks!

(Note: For free users, this will cost one SUC (software upgrade credit), which you may find more information about here.)