Sunday, January 10, 2016

Announcing two new things

2016 will mark our fourth year in the wiki industry, and it will be better than all three previous years combined. To start off, we're introducing two new (but very large) changes.

1. Introducing MyWikis Plus

The introduction of MyWikis Plus will see a simpler plan called MyWikis Basics, whose price will drop lower than the current price, and the current MyWikis Basic plan will be renamed MyWikis Plus.

Before: MyWikis Basic - $7/mo
After: MyWikis Basics - $TBD/mo, MyWikis Plus - $7/mo

The new MyWikis Basics will have slightly less features than offered right now, some of which may be excessive to our customers who'd just like the basics. That being said, MyWikis Plus is a great option for mid-tier customers. In addition, MyWikis Plus should have VisualEditor support too! (Subject to change.) We plan to have MyWikis Plus launch exclusively on Twitter.

These changes will launch sometime this or next month. Stay tuned!

2. Introducing DokuWiki

MediaWiki sometimes just doesn't fit the needs of wiki users. That's why we'll be supporting DokuWiki in the coming months.

DokuWiki is a completely different wiki engine whose emphasis might match that of corporations looking for easy-to-administer settings, easy-to-understand (low learning curve), and more per-page access restrictions instead of MediaWiki's blanket access restrictions with limited customization.

We believe this will be a great alternative to our customers who might not feel that MediaWiki serves them best. We're still testing DokuWiki out, so it will be another couple months before we launch any DokuWiki plans. Currently, there will be two plans for DokuWiki: Personal and Organizational. They will be under the name "MyWikis Doku," so expect to see "MyWikis Doku Personal" and "MyWikis Doku Organizational." They will cost $5/month and $8/month initially.

(Note that DokuWiki does not have WYSIWYG like MediaWiki's VisualEditor. It would be advisable to stick with MediaWiki if you require a WYSIWYG-based editor.)