Saturday, February 13, 2016 lives another year! :)

We're excited to announce that will live for another year! What's our rationale for this decision?
  • Nobody donated for the cause :( but...
  • We know that our service is still used by many, commonly.
  • Our domain expires during Advanced Placement testing. We understand that this is a big deal for those who'd like to save a few thousand dollars in university tuition, if not more. One of the most-used resources?
  • We're up for feeling generous. Deep down, we all know that most high school students are broke and don't have money to donate to a website. Consider it a student discount.
  • Everybody's Premium expires in 2100! How would we keep it for that long if we don't renew the domain? (Joke aside, nobody's premium will expire per se, it's just a system workaround we have for premium to work for everybody :P)
  • The main goal of is not to profit off of innocent high school kids, rather, it is to promote and foster learning. (And yes, good grades!)
  • There is no profitable business model associated with a truly free-as-in-free-beer-for-all service.
  • We hope that you will enjoy another year of successful studying with!